JaKKed Angler of the Week Doug Dye

JaKKed Angler of the Week Doug Dye

Posted by Tom Lloyd Jr. - JaKKed Baits on Nov 21st 2017

Doug Dye - Cedar Bluff, Virginia

November 22nd 2017

1. What is your home water?

I live in southwestern Virginia, but east Tennessee is where I do most of my fishing. Holston Lake and Boone Lake are about equally fished.

2. If you could throw 3 lures for any situation what would they be?

#1- and always on my deck, Carolina Rig

#2- Jig (Jakked Dokk Rokk or Finesse Jig)

#3- Crankbait

3. When and why did you start fishing?

My dad took me bass fishing my first time when I was 9. We went night fishing and I used a spin cast reel and tossed a Arborgast Mud Bug all night. Ended up catching 5. From then on I was hooked.

4. What is your most memorable event/story/happening while fishing?

There have been so many in my years. But one of the more recent ones stand out. I lost my left arm due to an accident. I was also left handed. I thought my fishing was over. One day while my dad and I was cleaning out my boat for the winter, God gave the the vision of cranking with my left arm using a prosthetic device. With some clear tubing, a pvc cap, and an ace bandage, I rigged one up. The first trip out with it, I caught my first bass backwards (lol). It was a 4lb smallmouth. Now, still going strong.

5. Favorite rod and reel setup?

My favorite rod length is 7'-7'3" MH

I prefer a 7:1 speed reel for most applications

6. 1 piece of advice you wish someone had shared with you about fishing that you had to learn yourself?

If I could give myself one piece of advice, it would have been to learn to fish offshore sooner. The banks get beat up pretty badly. Learning to read maps sooner while reading a primitive depth finder would've been helpful.

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