JaKKed Angler of the Week - Kendall Dye

JaKKed Angler of the Week - Kendall Dye

Posted by Tom Lloyd Jr. - JaKKed Baits on Nov 15th 2017

Kendall Dye - Woodruff, SC

1 - What is your home water?

The lake I fish the most is Lake Rabon, it is a 540 acre reservoir that holds tournaments almost year round. I am currently looking to join with someone on one of the few tournament trails in my area, they cover Lake Hartwell, Lake Murray, Lake Monticello and Lake Keowee.

2 - If you could throw 3 lures in any situation what would they be?

Top three baits would have to be Jigs, Jerk Bait, and texas/C-rig.

3 - When and why did you start fishing?

I started fishing around 4 years of age. It began with family we would visit in NC that had a small pond. We would visit several times a year, family members that lived there were not big on fishing but loved to eat fish. I would take care of that for them! From there it continuously grew to each family beach trip I spend mornings and late evening/nights fishing.

4 - What is your most memorable event/story/happening while fishing?

By far the most memorable fishing situation will be my biggest Largemouth, I had gone to a local reservoir right before sun up, by 9:15am I literally had not gotten a single nibble. I had made my mind up to head in and get some things done at the house. I had pulled to the boat landing and tied up, during this I thought to myself if I go home I’ll get some chores done and have nothing to do for the rest of the day. I untied and went to the very first main lake point, on my second cast with a C-rig lizard I noticed my line moving horizontally, reeled up slack and set the hook. The fish did not jump at all but put up a decent fight. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got it to the surface. After I got the fish in, I proceeded to head to the boat landing and headed home!

5 - What is your favorite rod and reel combo?

Enigma HPT rod and Ardent Apex Grand

6 - What is one piece of advice you wish someone would have shared with you about fishing that you had to learn yourself?

This is a tough one, a majority of my fishing has been done solo up until recently. But I would say the advice that might would have helped the most is, throw the bait you are not comfortable with and have confidence!