DoKK RoKK (One PaKK)

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Product Description

The JaKKed Baits DoKK Rokk was designed for anglers who want to put a jig in tight places that most others do not fish.  With it's arkie style head that has been shaped to allow for effortless skipping under docks and into tight areas around brush and laydowns this jig has it all.  An exceptional powder coated finish that is extremely durable, perfectly angled weed guard and an oversize 5/0 Mustad hook that comes standard in both a 3/8oz and 1/2oz version.  Each jig is equipped with a custom picked hand tied skirt.  The DoKK RoKK allows even the most inexperienced angler to access areas most seasoned veterans cannot get to in order to target bass. Skip-it, Pitch-it... JaKK'em!!!


Head - Rhino Black, Black Crack

Hook - 5/0 Mustad

Weedgaurd - Perfect angle, perfect weight

Collar - hand tied around a silicone core

Skirt - Premium Custom Picked

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