J-Law's 413 ShaKKer HD (2 PaKaK)

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Product Description

Designed by FLW Tour pro, Jeremy J-Law Lawyer, the JaKKed J-Law’s 413 ShaKKer HD Head delivers a finesse-style presentation that is geared for bigger soft plastics and catching bigger fish. Built around a heavy wire 5/0 EWG hook, the JaKKed J-Law’s 413 ShaKKer HD Head accommodates bulkier soft plastic trailers like magnum worms and creatures baits for a larger profile to entice bigger bites. It also provides a wider gap for superior hook penetration and the power needed to get big fish in the boat. The JaKKed J-Law’s 413 ShaKKer HD Head’s unique shape features two flat sides that give it the ability to effortlessly skip under docks and keep your bait pointed upward in a defensive position that infuriates bass into striking as well. 

Equipped with a corkscrew keeper, the JaKKed J-Law’s 413 ShaKKer HD Head keeps the bait rigged perfectly straight and allows anglers to rig their bait weedless with the hook point tex-posed for fishing in and around heavy cover. Finished with a chip resistant crackle powder coating and 3D eyes for an added level of realism, the JaKKed J-Law’s 413 ShaKKer HD Head allows anglers to use bigger baits and target bigger fish than what was possible with traditional shaky heads. 

The J-Law's 413 ShaKKer HD is available in 3 sizes 5/16, 3/8 and 1/2 and two colors a crackle green pumpkin (darker in real-life) and our Rhino Black! Retail price is $5.49 per two pack same color same size

This bait has several features. 
1. The football stand-up design to come through rocks and cover with ease
2. The 3D eyes are appealing for many reasons but allow fish to target in on the head and get the worm or bait head first for better hookups
3. 5/0 EWG hook make to hook them and keep them pinned!
4. Spring at just the right angle just on the inside of the hook to allow the hook to lay on the back of the work for better hookups
5. The strong back design for two reasons one to keep more lead down the shank to keep the hook from getting loose inside the lead and two to allow a flat perfect angle to skip this bait behind and under the tightest cover

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