Pow-R Finesse Jig

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Product Description

The JaKKed Baits Pow-R Finesse Jig delivers a finesse profile that still has plenty of power to pull big fish out of heavy cover. Unlike traditional finesse jigs, the JaKKed Baits Pow-R Finesse Jig is backed by a 2X Heavy Mustad Flipping Hook that allows anglers to beef up line and rod selection, while maintaining a smaller profile.

Utilizing a thinned out, finesse style skirt that offers a more natural action, the JaKKed Baits Pow-R Finesse Jig features two flat spots on the head that facilitate effortless skipping, and cause the bait to stand up in a defensive crawfish position when it hits the bottom. Available in a range of colors that have been custom blended by Keith Poche, the JaKKed Baits Pow-R Finesse Jig will put more power in your finesse fishing.

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